Item # BB 610402

  • All lexan enclosures are impact and vandal resistant, translucent lexan dome prolongs cell life by further screening out ultraviolet rays, dome and base are ultrasonically welded for maximum strength
  • Our sensor is conformal coated cadmium sulphide photocell resists effects of moisture and airborne contaminants, photocell responds to the light spectrum near to that of a human eye
  • Photo control works with screw base CFLs including LED with easy on and off that average less than 1-Watt power consumption, turn on is 1 to 5fc, turn off is 3 to 15fc, without the slide in position, on/off adjustment is easily made by moving a slide cover, no tools required
  • 2022 is easy to operate as it has delay up to 2 minutes to prevent false switching due to light from passing vehicles, lightning, etc. in a wide temperature range of -40 to +140F (-40 to +60C)
Manufacturers Item #2021
  • Description

Our photo control 2021 is a SPST conduit mounting pencil Swivel, Lexan Housing Photo Control for your Flood Lamp, Patio Lamp, Decorative Lighting applications. Ideal for applications where it is essential to aim the photocell in an exact direction to sense natural light but avoid artificial light. The Photocell responds to the light spectrum near to that of a human eye rather than passing vehicles.